Tips on Server Configuration, Domain Hosting and File Management

One of the biggest decisions every webmaster must make is what company to use for domain hosting and if a separate online backup service is necessary. But, that’s only part of the story. Before deciding where to host, you’ll need to decide whether you are going to need a dedicated server, virtual server or shared server for your website(s). My preference is using a virtual server in a cloud and using DirectAdmin for the control panel. Through a series of articles, I will explain why I prefer that configuration, provide tips on setting up your server, offer advice on backing up your files and a discuss variety of other topics related to VPS and cloud hosting.

WordPress hosting comparison

WordPress Hosting: ServerPilot vs. Cloudways

If you look for WordPress hosting there are many powerful solutions for a reasonable price. I’m using ServerPilot for two servers (DigitalOcean) for some time now and


How-to Install a Linux Web Server (Ubuntu)

Installing a web server for a production environment, with Ubuntu as operating system, is not too difficult because most of the required packages don’t need

Online Backup Service – Comparison

For those people spending a lot of time behind a laptop or desktop PC, some safe backup storage becomes very important. Until a few few

Wordpress website

How-to choose a WordPress Hosting Provider

If you’re using the popular blog tool WordPress, you’re probably looking for the best possible WordPress hosting provider. Choosing a host might be hard because

Selected Web Hosting resources

  • Smarter web hosting – WebFaction
    If shared web hosting is okay for your website’s requirements, we advice this company. They offer strong and fast hosting with features you didn’t find by many other providers: SSH access, MySQL and PostgreSQL on the same server, Rails, daily backups and many other features.
  • VPS.NET Virtual Private Servers
    This VPS hosting provider offers a newer hosting solution called cloud hosting. Cloud hosting allows customers to easily scale and customize a hosting plan so you pay for what you use and when you use it. With all the benefits of a dedicated server and a much lower price, VPS.NET is the next generation of web hosting. Great provider!
  • Dynadot Domain Name Registration
    Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web host located in San Mateo, California. They offer the most common domain tlds for a fair price. They offer also SSL certificates, these certificates allow you to encrypt the data between your customer’s browser and your web server. They have an easy to use (and fast) control panel and the support is fast and customer friendly.