About this blog, Olaf Lederer and finalwebsites.com

My name is Olaf Lederer and I’m a web developer and web consultant. I am from The Netherlands and have been building websites since 1999. I speak English, German and Dutch, however my primary business website – finalwebsites.nl is written only in Dutch. Since 2002, I have been providing custom scripting, web hosting, domain registrations and web development services. 

I am a PHP web developer and enthusiast and like to share much of the code that I’ve written on this blog or on Github. There you will find free open source PHP class scripts, custom PHP functions and code snippets, WordPress plugins, Google SEO tips and much more.

Web Development Blog, since 2006

The primary focus of this blog is on WordPress, PHP scripts and tutorials that I write but I’m something of an Internet addict and an Ubuntu/Linux fan; so I do talk about a variety of technology-related news and events. I utilize a number of Google webmaster services and talk about those as well. You might also find me participating in a number of webmaster forums and related social media networks. Find links to my profiles behind the buttons in the header from this website.

I invite you to join the conversations here and on my other sites and perhaps together we can learn even more about this great thing called the Internet. Do you like social media? Follow me on or Twitter.