Google Analytics & Other Free Google Webmaster Tools

Did you know that many of the most powerful webmaster tools are free? Google Analytics, Google Apps and other tools for webmasters (Gmail, Google Maps, Custom Search etc.) are some of the most powerful information resources for any webmaster and they are all absolutely free. I use them for both my own sites and my client’s websites. Even if you don’t use any other Google service, I suggest that you use Google Analytics on every website to receive information about how Google sees their website as well as how it is performing.

Icon Spanning Backup

Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Working in the cloud while using Google Apps is a cost efficient way and also very comfortable. Access e-mail, calendar and all your files on every computer with an internet connection and collaborate with your collegues and associates. Backup all your data in the cloud using Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

Create surveys with Google Forms

These days I needed an online tool to create a customer survey. Google Docs has a form feature which I tried this time and I

Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search in a Lightbox!

There are several tutorials on the Internet on how-to integrate the Google Custom search in your website, but the results are not very attractive. The

Best Google Services

  • Google Webmaster Central
    Check crawler information, search queries, links to your website and many more. A service every website owner should use!
  • Google Code
    Use the Google API systems and other poweful tools. Great documentation and working demos.

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