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Learn how to create an Ajax contact form with a PHP upload function and form field validation. You can avoid page refreshes and provide an improved user experience by using Ajax. PHP code is used to process the Ajax request on the server side. In working on my own sites and that of my clients, I’ve found that combining PHP, jQuery and of course HTML provides a solid Ajax solution. Most of my tutorials contain full working code examples and all of the information you’ll need to use the code in your own projects.

Ajax Live Search – PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial we’re using jQuery and PHP to build a Ajax live search feature for your website. A live search doesn’t need to reload

Contact form

Your e-mail address hidden with jQuery?

Last week we published an article with different methods to hide e-mail addresses on websites. Because of several comments with suggestions on how-to solve this

Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search in a Lightbox!

There are several tutorials on the Internet on how-to integrate the Google Custom search in your website, but the results are not very attractive. The

Ajax requests using jQuery and PHP

Our PHP tutorial about the Flickr API was an example on how-to search the Flickr photo database for images using some short PHP code. This time

Ajax file upload in modal window

This PHP / jQuery tutorial explains how-to upload a file PHP from ThickBox and how after successful upload the filename is passed to the parent document. The function is a useful addition for custom content management systems.

jQuery Plugins and Resources

  • Ajax Upload using PHP and jQuery
    PHP/jQuery tutorial using the upload script with a full working demo.
  • jQuery Plugins
    A huge database of plugins for all the tasks you need on your website.

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