Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t the game as it was several years ago. SEO is not about adding some META information to your site and adding a bunch of inbound links will not help so much as it was before. The Google search engine has become smarter and shows more and more only the most relevant results at the top of their result pages. In this category you will find the most interesting stories and links about SEO for your website. I hope they will help you to get a better result in Google. Through the use of the right tools, keyword analysis can help you with on-site optimization of your pages including your page headers and titles. The articles in this category include my tips for optimizing your site and getting the best results from the available keyword tools.

SEO Tips for your website

You should do some search engine optimization for every website or web page you create, the following actions should be done for all of them:

  • Analyse the keywords you want to use in you webpage or article. There are so many keyword phrases with decent traffic and less competition. Use them while writing the website’s content. How-to analyse your keywords? Look for keywords with enough traffic using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and analyse the competition in your (local) Google search engine using the following search pattern: intitle:”you keyword” inurl:”your keyword”.
  • Use the best keywords in your page title and in your header elements. Use a unique title for your H1 element on each page. Many (free) website templates using the H1 element for the website name, you need to change that. The H1 element should have the title of the current page.
  • Spend some time on the META description for all pages you like see in the Google search results. The description should describe the page content and if the this text is well written, more people will click on the search result. Check the Google webmaster tools for information about which search keywords have a lot of clicks and which have not.
  • Categorize your content, if your website is new it might be possible to link all pages from your homepage. Better is to have a few categories from the beginning, let’s start with your products or services. In this case is “Products” a first category which needs unique content and this page has links to the products and maybe some sub-categories. Try to use unique keywords for the category pages as well.