8 Link building ideas for corporate websites

If you need to promote your corporate website, you will find out that this is not an easy job. Self-promotion via forums or blog comments is often eliminated as SPAM and many website owners doesn’t like to link to your site because you offer a product or service. We all know that inbound links are important to get high-listed in search engines like Google. So what do you need to do to get links to your site? In this article we will suggest things which should work for most of the websites on the Internet. But first we need to change our mind:

To get inbound links you need content which is not just your product information or some sales page. Start creating content which is interesting for your target group AND related to your products.

What do you need?

  • Beside your corporate website you need a blog. This blog might be a part of your website or if possible hosted on a second domain and IP address.
  • You need to create unique and fresh content, related to your product and services. Hire a content writer if you can’t write the articles by yourself.
  • You need time and maybe some money (more about the costs later)

Okay here are the natural link building ideas:

  1. Write your blogs frequently
    If you have already a blog, I guess most of your articles are about your news, products and services. Keep writing them, but write also information which is “not about you”. For example if your product is Web Hosting, provide valuable information about how-to secure websites or give some other advice related to hosting or websites. If your articles are interesting even for non-customers, those people might write about on their own blog and will link to the source.
  2. Write content for 3rd party websites
    Write articles on blogs, websites or networks like HubPages.com, EzineArticles.com or blogs which allow other authors to write for them. In these articles it’s possible to add also links to your site.
  3. Promote all articles via social networks
    This one important, if you post your article-links to your twitter or facebook profile, more people will know about your blog and the chance is bigger that other people will blog about your article. 
  4. Get links from customers or partners
    Ask your customers and partners for a link from their website. Start with the partners where you buy products and services, they might give some link back because you’re a customer. For your own customers it’s more effective to offer something for free.
  5. Offer freebies
    Provide in some of your own blog posts a free gadget, e-book or service. Freebies are always a welcome subject to write about. Be creative and you will get many free links!
  6. Submit your press releases
    Write press releases about your most important news and submit them to press release submission services. There are many of them (check Google), try also paid services like PRWeb.com, this way you’re able to reach many people which might pick up your news and will write about (incl. link). If you can’t write a press release article by yourself, hire a copy-writer.
  7. Ask for a product review
    Search related websites or blogs and ask the owner to review your product or service in exchange for a free product. Get this way a link and also some publicity (works great if your product is a service).
  8. Create a second blog
    If you’re able to produce enough unique content or articles, start a second website or blog. Host this website on by different web-host and don’t link this site from your other sites. If  you keep this site “product neutral” you can even write about your competitors products and services. Build links from different sections to your site.

We didn’t mention here the reciprocal link exchange and paid links because those are against the Google webmaster guidelines. Exchanging links is not forbidden, but don’t have too much of them.

Do you know some nice link building techniques? Please share them below as a comment, thanks!

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  1. One more technique to be included in this list is Answering questions on popular “Yahoo! Answers” and other “answer sites” like wikianswers…. Make sure to put a link to your website in your answer (preferably to an article or page on your site that addresses the question).

    1. Right, sharing knowledge is good way to promote your identity. Don’t forget to check if the posted links “dofollow”.

  2. if you have a lot of articles or content on Hubpages, you can really get lots of traffic and in turn you can make lots of money from it.

    1. Hi Zoey,
      do you like to share information about your experience with hubpages?
      I have also a few hubs to promote some website, but I can’t say that I get lot’s of traffic…

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