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The basic idea of each social link community is that people share their discovered links with others via the Internet. Actually it’s only allowed to send those links to your social community friends. Having a lot of friends with the same interest like yourself is something very valuable to generate a lot of traffic to your website or weblog. We all know that both communities and StumbleUpon are good for big traffic if some story became hot in these communities. A listing on the main page is good for many 10K of visitors. Let’s have a look on the link sharing features which both communities provide:

StumbleUpon (SU toolbar fun)

Each SU member can add friends while stumbling other member pages. Members of stumbleupon use a browser toolbar for voting and navigation (stumbling), will say you need to send links to your friends via this toolbar. Your friends will notice your “shout” because of some tiny red number in their SU toolbar. After they stumbled your page they see your message and it possible to send some message back. If you have some active SU friends and they like what you send them via the toolbar it’s possible that this “Stumble” becomes hot and the stumbled page becomes a hot item and is presented more often to other stumblers.

Bad points; There is a limit of 200 friends, you can’t add more! Sure this is still enough because you need to send each link to your friends one by one. Only the tiny red number is a notification that a friend has send you some link, I think it’s to hard to notice.

Good points; Less spam, because the sender need to select each friend one by one (yeah that also a good point). Because of the interface (send back a message) the system has a great community value. While selecting your friends it’s very easy to select only those friends which similar interests, this way you can create your own small community (groups) and the links you send to others are more interesting for your friends (yeah right, this is up to you). – become famous on their main page.

Adding friends at was not so important in the past because it was not very useful. Since a while this is changed; you can send stories submitted to with the share option to all your friends with only a few mouse clicks! Since this feature is introduced, members are making a lot of friends and it looks like that there is no limit (at least I didn’t noticed one yet). Okay, what to do with all those friends? A lot of webmasters are dreaming of a listing on the main page, while sending a shout to hundred of friends (and maybe some of your friends will do the same) a lot of members will notice your story and maybe the story will get enough votes and will reach the main page. Is this GREAT?

Bad points; Digg is sending an email to each member if a new friend or shout has arrived, this could become a problem if mail services like Gmail will flag those mails as spam. While adding friends you need to click a lot to find friends from your interests ( is based on news submissions and not on the members). Voting and sending a comment to the link sender is very complicated (it’s all web based, yeah needs a toolbar)

Good points; Sending a link to your friends is very easy and fast. Because with each shout a mail is send to a member and your submission becomes more visible. has this great vote button for your website. You can disable the “shout” function to stop your friends sending shouts to you (I think thats very important soon)

At the end…

Both social communities have their good and bad points and both sites invite to abuse the system. While SU has some logarithm which is used to decide which story is hot or not the cheater is often not very successful. With it’s different because the stories rank on the website is a result of the digg users. If the group of users is big enough to promote a “boring” story to the main page the other users need to search more to find the good stuff between all the entries… Now I have to stop because I need to look to get some more friends :)

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  1. Nice article — thanks for sharing your thoughts, Olaf.

  2. Thanks for the compliments…

    I forgot one important feature that is missing with Stumbleupon:

    It’s possible to give one review for each stumble, but it would be very useful if there was a feature to post a comment about someones review. This way it’s possible that people can post anything (useful or not) :(

  3. Liked your article – not a lot of blabber and some good points. Have you (or someone you can point me to) done any reviews of photo sharing sites (Flickr…Photobucket…Picasa)?


  4. I like your article. by the way i didn’t know that there is a limit on the number of friends in SU… thanks for telling me.

  5. Until now, I use only stumble upon for marking my favorite page and share it with my friends. I just read about dig. I never used it before and recently just learning how to use it. Your information about dig is very useful. Thanks.

  6. Great post. I am researching more about link sharing so this was very helpful. I am a newbie at the whole online scene. Thank goodness you were the first one on Google when I searched “Link sharing”

  7. Great post, the SU site is great…it not only saves time, but is a realy cool information source ;)

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