In-Text Advertisements: Publisher Review

We know them all, they look like a text link but if you hover your mouse above those links, you get a small window (pop-up) with some advertisement. Well some visitor doesn’t like them and several webmasters earn some money as a publisher.

In-Text ads are from the PPC type where the publisher gets paid for each click which is made by a websites visitor.

This review is not about how useful they are or if they are good money makers, this article is about some ad-providers I tested in the past month or years.


I think the biggest In-text advertising network, they show good content related ads on your website.

In the past 2 year there was personal contact via e-mail and they paid as promised. Sometimes the eCPM is a little low, one the reason for the low earnings could be the type of website where I placed their ads. Since a few month they offer payments via paypal. They have quiet strong rules about websites which they accept as a publisher. They don’t provide channels or other advanced features. I think they are the best partner for common/quality websites.


This company offers a lot of different ad types like regular banners, text ads, pop-ups and also In-Text ads. They have a very big market place where advertiser can search for their publisher. In-Text ads are also content related. but doesn’t have the great content match like from Kontera. They accept almost every type of website (even web proxies). The control panel has a lot of features for reports and advanced ad configurations. They pay per check as promised, but you need some time until you get your commission.

I posted already a review about Adbrite some time before. Adbrite is for sure not th beste advertising partner for a lot of websites, but I used them to publish ads on web proxies. Banner ads are fine but the eCPM is very low. Currently I publish only the In-Text advertisement on some web proxies with a moderate result.


I get in contact with this company because they contacted me by e-mail. They try to get you as an publisher because they promise a better deal than Kontera. Since I’m looking always for good (paying) ad networks and they look reasonable I tried them. Because I planned to show ads on proxified pages, I asked them before (they contacted me because I show Kontera ads on a proxy list site). They told me that this is not a problem. I placed the code on my proxies and noticed ad views and clicks with a delay of more than 24 hours. The number of impressions doesn’t look real since the number was much lower than other banner ads I have on those pages. Their ad impression count was even lower than the number of page views I counted in the same time. After several days I noticed that my access to their control panel was disabled. I send an e-mail to their management and they explained that showing ads on proxified pages is against their terms of service. That was the end of my InfoLinks adventure…

As you see the ad market is not easy, you should think about which partner you choose and which ad type/network is the best for your website. While my experience is based on “trial and error”, I hope that my article will help some webmasters.

One thought on “In-Text Advertisements: Publisher Review

  1. Hi,

    right before I published this review I got a mail from Adbrite with the information that they stopped serving ads because of invalid clicks.

    They asked me to send them some details to identify me and also the server logs. After days they reviewed my account again and they started serving ads to my websites.

    Maybe you think I got a lot of clicks… it was about 15-20 clicks a day on ~30.000 impressions! After they validated my account I have the same amount of clicks with the same amount of impressions. Strange?

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