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Web developmentWelcome to The Web Development Blog where I share my ideas on working with WordPress, Ubuntu, PHP and a lot of other “geeky” stuff. I’m and most of the tutorials and code that I share are used in my own projects. Through the years, I have received so much support and guidance from other webmasters that I started the Web Development Blog to in turn help others.

As part of my ‘day job’, I am continually researching SEO, web hosting and tech stuff. I’ll share my views on web hosting issues, various online services and other assorted web programming topics. From time to time, I’ll invite some of my friends to guest post and as always, everyone is welcome to join the discussion.

  • PHP Scripts

    Web Development Blog PHP Scripts & Tutorials

    All of my PHP tutorials are based on scripts that I am using on my own website projects. I try to keep my PHP code simple without complex code structures but with smart and easy functions. I wrote most of the code discussed on the Web Development Blog , but I also like to talk about 3rd party scripts that I frequently use.

  • Wordpress

    WordPress Development

    Over the past few years, I am finding myself using WordPress more frequently in building my own websites and sites for my customers. WordPress becomes more powerful with each update and it’s easy to add more features. I write about cool WordPress plugins that I’ve found and share the modifications I have implemented in my own WordPress projects.

  • server hosting

    Website Hosting Reviews & Tutorials

    Without webhosts, there would be no websites. Within the past few years, the hosting business has changed. There are many Cloud hosting providers and Linux hosting on Ubuntu is easier than ever before. I maintain several Ubuntu-based virtual servers and share my experience here on the Web Development Blog as often as possible.

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