Build a web shop with osCommerce

osCommerce is the e-commerce software which can be downloaded for free and makes it possible to setup an online shopping site. osCommerce is a full featured web application and makes online shopping possible easy for the shop holder and the customer. Released under the GNU General Public License (open source), osCommerce came into existence in the year 2000 and is the brain that runs approximately more than 15.500 online stores.

For making an e-commerce site attractive to the prospective customers it is very important that the look of the web shop and the services that it provides are highly professional. osCommerce helps to make this task easier as it has several advanced features that makes it possible to maintain the inventory of the products and display the products online, deals with the payments and processes the orders, thus in effect it takes care of most of the functions of an e-commerce store. The free software osCommerce can installed within minutes and the new shop owner is able to insert his products immediately.

Developed by the community

osCommerce is an open source software making it accessible to any user who wishes to use it for whatever purpose it may be. This has provided the required dynamic angle to osCommerce as there are changes made on a continuous basis to incorporate the requirements of the prospective customer. The software provides both the front end and back end solution and is by default available in English, Spanish and German. Other languages are provided by the big osCommerce community.

osCommerce templates

osCommerce has features like templates which make it easy for a beginner also start an online e-commerce store. The osCommerce templates are pre-designed templates which make it very easy to build your own e-commerce site. You can start off easily and have a look at the completed design of your site in no time. The osCommerce templates make it possible to make all the changes required and incorporate all that is required to make the site attractive to the online customer.

Those templates are developed by expert web designers and web developers and have a variety of colors, themes and options to choose from. osCommerce templates are often not free and you need to pay a nominal charge for getting the templates and having a great looking website. osCommerce templates offer a great advantage as they are very reasonable as compared to what you would pay to hire a web designer and get a site designed especially for you.

osCommerce provides you with tremendous flexibility and saves on time and cost. First and foremost you should be sure of the look you want, the services that you would like to offer your customers, the budget and then decide on the templates that would meet your requirements.

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  1. Hi,
    I agree, oscommerce rules!!..
    We use oscommerce for our stores for a couple of years now…
    Till today I didn’t find a more flexible and wide supported solution!

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