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  1. This is a pretty thorough list. There are quite a few plugins on here I haven’t used yet but I’ll be sure to check them out. I wrote a similar post a while back but it wasn’t as thorough.

    • Hi Jon,
      thanks for your comment.
      It’s funny, after I “collected” all the plugins I’m using in different sites I was very surprised how many WordPress plugins I’m using :)
      Do you use any plugins which are not on this list and might be useful for other readers?

  2. The plugin “WP Bannerize” is marked as “delete” because I don’t use it anymore. It’s not a bad plugin, but I think it’s too much overhead to have a plugin just for showing a few banners (like I do). I’m using the pure HTML and the text widget instead.

    I added also a new plugin called “Revision Control”. I installed this plugin for several sites because the wp_posts table becomes very huge after a while. Be careful if you try some other “revision” plugins, one plugin I tried removed all my revisions during the plugin initialization.

    Be careful with the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin, I had some conflicts with TinyMCE using the version 3.0.x. I went back to version 2.1 and everything is fine for WordPress 3.2.1 (don’t try the new version of ACF with WP 3.3 beta BTW).

  3. Since a few weeks I re-installed the plugin “BackWPup” on several sites. I removed the plugin before because I tried the “ManageWP” for several weeks. Several weeks ago they announced the prices and the smallest “paid” package doesn’t include a backup function.

  4. I devoted the Shadowbox JS plugin because it’s removed from the WordPress repository. It doesn’t stopped working but it’s time to try something new. I installed on several sites the plugin WP jQuery Lightbox, because it looks good and it doesn’t require an update on my images (just install and you’re done).

    Custom fields, post types and taxonomies
    Last week I found the plugin Types – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Management, which is able all three WordPress features in a single plugin. The function for custom fields has less features than the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin, but enough for most sites I know.

    WordPress caching
    I’m using WP Super cache for most of my sites, because it’s very easy to use. A few weeks ago I tried (again) W3 Total Cache. Compared to WP Super Cache, the plugin has much more settings and I think it’s a great tool for the advanced user.

    And at last but not least… If you’re looking for a great affiliate link cloaking plugin, you should read my review about the ThirstyAffiliates plugin. It’s a premium plugin, but it’s a much better solution than all others I have tried.

  5. WordPress works very strange with images if you need to use them inside a gallery. You need to upload every image inside an article to include them automatically or you need to “tweak” the gallery shortcode. This is not very effective and for sure not user-friendly for the common blog author. To solve these problems you should try the gallery plugin (listed above in the middle section). This plugin will create a new post for each gallery with the images your like to include. The plugin will use also some gallery feature, so no additional lightbox plugin is required.

  6. I update the list after more than a year and removed some old/discontinued plugins. There is still some work to do, because several plugins I used in the past or not on my list anymore. Before you use any plugin check the reviews posted to the WP plugin repository first!

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