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Welcome to the PHP developers section of Web Development Blog. You’ll find many of my popular PHP classes and scripts here as well as free support for using them on your own websites or applications. You’ll also find an active community of developers sharing ideas and discussing each of the PHP classes, PHP scripts, login scripts and PHP forms. There’s also PHP tutorials, PHP snippets and script reviews. 
I invite you to join the conversation as we all work together to build stronger and better sites for ourselves and our clients. As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

MySQL database

Optimize MySQL tables for better performance

A web applications like Wordpress will produce a lot of overhead on your database tables. Each overhead will make your database a little slower because more memory (RAM) is used. This PHP tutorial is for the beginning webmaster and also useful for the professional webmaster, which host his websites on a VPS or dedicated server.

Create PDF documents Online with TCPDF

Many web applications output documents like invoices, contracts or just web pages in the PDF format. There are a few PHP classes which can be

Contact form

Your e-mail address hidden with jQuery?

Last week we published an article with different methods to hide e-mail addresses on websites. Because of several comments with suggestions on how-to solve this

Ajax requests using jQuery and PHP

Our PHP tutorial about the Flickr API was an example on how-to search the Flickr photo database for images using some short PHP code. This time

PHP Scripts and Classes

This are my (older) PHP classes I’ve written for my website on

PHP Upload Script

Upload photos and other files with this easy to use and free PHP upload class script. Several example scripts are included.

PHP Attachment Mailer Class

PHP class handles multiple attachment e-mails using html and the mime mail standard

PHP Login: Access_user Class

Easy to use PHP class to protect pages and register new users

PHP Whois script

Check domain names for different TLD’s against a whois database

Counter & visitor statistics

Easy to use system to track users and visitor statistics

PHP Shopping Cart script (DB_cart)

This universal shopping cart script is powered by MySQL and works with external customer and product data.

Validate form fields Script

PHP form field validation for string, date, URL and number values

PHP Pagination Class

Use this PHP class to execute your MySQL recordset and create some page navigation links extremely easy.

TemplateMonster XML API Script

Import template data from the TemplaterMonster XML API into your MySQL database