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Turn your mailbox into an online help desk

If you get a lot of email messages from your contact form beside the emails from your customer, you have to spend some extra time to answer these messages too. This article is about how-to optimize your email inbox by using the online help desk software “Help Scout”. Help Scout is service in the Cloud and very easy to use they offer beside paid accounts also a free account with some limitations.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

There are many reviews and articles about WordPress plugins, here is the list of plugins I’m using. I use the WordPress plugins on this page for several websites and most of them longer than a year. I will keep this list up2date and I will remove WordPress plugins I’m not using anymore. Subscribe to the […]

How-to show popular posts on your WordPress blog?

Yesterday I replaced my list of current PHP articles on this blog with a list of popular articles. I’m sure it’s possible in WordPress to get those list if you count the number of comments, but actually I was looking for solution based on real traffic. Since I’m using Stats, I would like to […]

Ajax contact form that opens in a lightbox

In this tutorial we show how-to create a modern Ajax contact form using a Lightbox and jQuery. The form is linked by a simple text link and opens in the Lightbox where all form handling, including reCAPTCHA validations, are processed by PHP and the jQuery Ajax function. After the form submission was successful we are […]

Useful Plugins for your bbPress Forum

To support our PHP script users we’ve used bbpress in the past. bbpress is a great peace of software and is based on WordPress, that will say if you’re able to write code for  WordPress you can code the same way for bbpress. There are several WordPress plugins which work with bbpress out of the box! Since version […]