Adsense for WordPress 5+1 Plugins reviewed

If you try to monetize your blog with Google Adsense you might have noticed that this is not an easy job. Blog reader are very focused on reading the content and writing comments. Many readers will not visit your site since they read your blogs in a RSS reader. That will say that we need a very flexible Adsense plugin to place our ads on the right place in our blogs articles. Some of you will say “I place them always on place A, B and C”, but I’m sure that this will not work all the time.

We need a WordPress plugin that has the following features:

1. Single blog post placements, 2. unlimited number of ad layouts, 3. easy to integrate with each blog post using tags, 4. NO revenue share with the plugin author!. Additionally we like to see features like: IP-based filter functions, alternative ads for the IP filter, using ad code from other networks than Google Adsense. Live Chat Software For this review we selected the 5 WordPress plugins because they have recent updates (active projects) and many features:

UPDATE: Expired listings!

Using the broken link checker plugin I noticed that 3 plugins from this review are not available in the WordPress directory anymore. We keep the information here because it might be helpful for WordPress users to decide which option is the best. For my own blog I use WordPress short codes now, place this code into your functions.php file:

Use “adsense46860” (replace the double quotes with square brackets) in your post or use

in your WordPress theme file. This function is much safer than some of the plugins I found on the Internet. If you like to show ads based on the visitor’s country, is this Google Adsense tutorial for you.

Adsense manager

Maybe the best Adsense plugin for WordPress at the moment (added this entry in March 2012) with support for multiple ad types (Adsense, Adbrite, Project Wonderful or other ad code). The plugin is updated for the current version of WordPress, that makes you able to insert an ad with the shortcode feature as well. The interface is easy to understand and I would recommend this plugin to the “regular” WordPress user.

Adsense Daemon

This plugin supports three different Adsense layouts. All configured ads are placed on all your blog pages (single view). For each layout you have the control (7 options) where each ad will show up. The plugin has basic features and acts very static. A good plugin if you don’t need so much functions.

AdSense Integrator

If you need a more flexible plugin, you should check this Adsense plugin for WordPress. It has all the features we mentioned above and more: Default settings for automatic placement, full control about which pages have to show the automatic placed ads and a CSS margin for some better ad placement. Revenue share is enabled by default, but you can change this setting (if you don’t like to support the developer with 4% of all your ad impressions). Everything seems working, except the single ad placement :( With every placement the “initial” ad is placed too, maybe a recent bug? I posted this to the WordPress forum and will post the result here. Anyway a good plugin if this bug is fixed.

All in One Adsense and YPN!

Great plugin idea on how to configure your blog using Google Adsense or  YPN (Yahoo Network). While the configuration options are very comfortable is this plugin less flexible. All settings are site-wide and valid for all ad formats. The plugin offers an option to use multiple ad formats, a random function will show them all. I don’t think that this really works (maybe for different colors?). There is an option to disable ads for single pages, but this will disable all ads on that single page. While this plugin looks really good, I will not use it.

Easy AdSense

If you check the WordPress plugin page you should think that this is a great plugin, but I deactivated the plugin very quickly. At the moment that the plugin was activated, it shows already the Adsense ads from the plugin author and also at least one link to his website on each of your blog pages. I need to mention that I choose the plugin because according the author, is this version more advanced and doesn’t include a revenue share. The plugin has a lot of functions to configure the different products like Adsense for search and feeds and of course the content and link units. I’m sure you can treat the setting that way to get a static ad setup for your site, but I don’t like a plugin that includes code in my site without permission and that’s the reason why my advice is to NOT using this plugin. You never know what a future version will do with your website!

Quick Adsense

Finally a plugin that has all important features and works for 100%! Using this plugin you have all the options you need for your blog site: Static placements for your whole website, custom placements for your posts using simple snippets or just disable ads for a single post. This plugin has more features:

  • Add your Adsense code to your blog posts and your sidebar widgets, all settings are controlled through a single settings page.
  • You don’t need to remember the tag names, just place them using quick tags in the HTML mode of your editor.
  • There is space for 10 different ad layouts for the blog pages and 3 in your sidebar.
  • There are no strings attached will say no revenue share or unwanted links, the only thing the author asks is to place a link or button.

There is one feature missing; the IP filter with the option to show alternative ads. Since this feature is very special and should work together with a GEO location script, I think I can miss this feature for now. At the end I must say I go for the Quick Adsense plugin, because I need a plugin that makes it possible to place the ads on locations I choose while writing a blog post. The Adsense Integrator is also a good plugin, but because of the bug in the current version it’s not useful for my website.

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  1. Really nice review of these plugins. I have been looking for a new WordPress plugin system to add to my blog, but I just haven’t been able to figure out what to use. At least now I have some good reviews to fall back on!

    1. Hi Jake,
      yeah there are so much plugins for your ads :)
      If you read the blog from the plugin developer of “Quick Adsense”, it seems to me that this man is able to make this plugin much more powerful.
      I used the plugin for a few posts now an noticed that there is much more to do. But it’s a really good start!

  2. Nice piece of reviews. I am currently in search of ip filter plugins for ads. Other than Adsense Integrator, what do you suggest?

  3. Hi I’ve tried a few Adsense plugins without much luck, but I’ll certainly give the Quick Adsense plugin a try.
    The reason whay I’m writing though is that I’m just warning that serving up Adsense based on geographical location is against the terms and conditions of using Adsense.

    1. Hello Carl,

      why do you think is a geographical filter against the TOS of Google Adsense?
      They say it’s not allowed to change the code, but if you show/hide the whole snippet because of some country code there is nothing wrong.
      If you use DFP you can filter countries with an and-server provided by Google ;)

  4. Hi Olaf,

    I don’t know what to say. I could have sworn I read somewhere that geotargeting ads was against the Adsense TOS but I can’t find the source.
    Even worse, I looked over at the Adsense forum and I can’t find anything to back up my statement there either – quite the opposite in fact; so I don’t know!
    The only caution I could see was to make sure if you are geotargetting, you shouldn’t do so in a way that blocks the (US) Adsense bots.

    1. Hi Carl,
      I’m sure there is a lot of information on the web and also on the Google Adsense forums. There are also many solutions suggested which are not according the Adsense TOS. Most of them are based on the usage of IFRAMES or JavaScript code.
      For WordPress is there a problem with the cache modules, to solve it you need an ad-server solution like DFP.

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