8 thoughts on “Start a hosting business with DirectAdmin

  1. After having compared CPanel with DirectAdmin, I am seriously considering moving over to CPanel when I decide to move my business from reseller hosting to dedicated hosting. Seems like a smart move and the API does seem fantastic!

    Thanks for the post!

    • Hi,
      it depends on, I tried both of them and I like DA much more.

  2. I prefer DA, but with the majority of hosting companies out run CP, we’ve had to switch to CP, not because we wanted to, but because of the time & effort converting CP accounts to DA.

    DA is great due to it’s low cost, low resource usage, and is very stable.99% of all server issues I’ve ever had were due to cPanel.

    • Moving sites between DA servers is so easy 😉

  3. DA all the way! – Thanks for this nice article

  4. I don’t think I could ever see myself using anything other than cPanel for a long time. Though I hear good things about DA, it’s just not for me.

  5. I have tried both, and i can’t talk bad neither for DA neither CP. But the business is around CP, so my vote goes to CP. But like i said, i have tried and liked it :)

    • I tried CP a several times and I don’t like the interface very much (is like an old Nokia phone). But you’re right VP is very common, how about updates? Is there a feature like CustomBuild for DA?

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