5 thoughts on “Optimize MySQL tables for better performance

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to use the mysql tools? e.g. mysqlcheck -o -A -uoptiuser

    • Hi Dylan,
      thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure that this is a great solution if you host your sites on a VPS or dedicated server.
      I’m using a shared hosting account for a few sites and the hosting company has disabled a lot of features (that’s why I wrote that function).
      I will try the mysqlcheck function using a CRON job.

  2. @Dylan,
    it works using the command line:
    mysqlcheck --optimize --all-databases --user=optiuser --password=somepassword

    But there is no check for tables with overhead ;). I think this is a great option for your own server (just run this command as a daily cron job).

  3. I like the script and find it very useful. I did make one change to the end of the script, where it sends or shows the message:


    This allows PHP to determine whether the script is being run from the command line or through the web server, and changes the destination of the messages accordingly.

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