13 thoughts on “404 Error Page: Report, Monetize and Analyse

  1. very helpful. Thanks.
    Do you recommend a good tool to track all the dead links of the website ?

    • The strategy to detect links is not about finding dead links on your own site (I hope you don’t have some).
      This is about dead links from external sites. Check also the information about your site provided by the google webmaster tools

  2. Years ago in the early days of the web there have been buisness models in making money of 404 traffic,
    or free hosting services taking only your 404 traffic. Maybe something of that still exists.

    • Hi John,
      right th idea from this article is based on this concept. Accept one thing, the strategy is to serve your visitors better content 😉

  3. You forgot something important:

    Setting the header() via PHP to the appropriate error code! Without that, the 404 error pages would return an 200/ok header and counted as duplicated content…

    With the correct headers, track and analysis is easier through tools like Google Webmaster tools.

    • Hi,
      You don’t need to set a header because Apache will send the header to the browser.
      Of course you have to instruct the search engines to NOT index the error reporting script.

      I using a similar script for finalwebsites.com and never found a file that doesn’t exists in the index.

  4. Great that you like (and translated) the tutorial.

  5. I found this modified Google Analytics code snippet, which is able to track information about the HTTP_REFERER:

    More information about the snippet:

  6. Help here!
    I’ve done everything, the only thing that not working are 404.
    when ever I type for example http://www.mysite.com/fgfgf and get standard error by browser not a 404 page.


    • Do you created the .htaccess file with the directives to the error document?

  7. Hy
    Is a good Ideea to redirect the non existed url (404 error) to the home page, via php?

    • Hi,
      it’s an option, but it depends on:

      The non existing URL is removed (it’s better to redirect using a 301)
      The URL never exists

      For the last option a redirect to the homepage will not hurt, but don’t forget to use the canonical link element on your homepage

  8. Sure if you redirect your all expired URLs to your homepage, than is this not the best idea :)
    The message in this tutorial is to use a 404 page

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