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I’m using Google Apps as my primary e-mail service for almost 4 years now and I must say the product has grown a lot within the last 2 years. A year ago I got my first cell phone powered by windows mobile and a few days ago I decided to synchronize my e-mail plus calendar with the data I have entered on my phone. Just one more feature offered by Google Apps.

Honestly I tried this before but without success, why? Because I missed one big point, this service is only available for premium accounts. In my case, I like to synchronize much more. As I mentioned before, I have a “personal” Google Apps account and a Windows mobile phone, but I’m using also a Microsoft Exchange account at the office, which I like to synchronize with my Windows mobile phone. The synchronization tool on the phone allows only one server and in fact I have two. But there is a possibility to arrange this.

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps

There is a Google Apps Sync tool to synchronize both accounts (Outlook and Google Apps) with each other including contacts, e-mail, tasks and the calendar. I tried that tool, but I don’t like to have a second Outlook profile for my personal stuff. 1-2 year ago there was already the Google Calendar Sync tool which is able to synchronize the Outlook calendar with the calendar from a Google Apps account. I needed to search the Google Calendar Documentation to find this tool back because Google doesn’t mention this tool anymore (the suggest the new sync tool instead). It works for Outlook 2003/2007 and with the latest version I’m able to synchronize my calendars in one or two ways:

google calendar sync tool

In my case I want to show events from my Outlook calendar in my Google calendar; this is the one way synchronization (the 3rd option). I’m very surprised about the quality of this tool. I tested the following calendar updates, I made in Microsoft Outlook and all of them are updated to my Google calendar as well:

  • Changing details from an existing item in the future
  • Moving the item to another day
  • Removing the item from the calendar
  • Updating some items from the past

After the synchronization between Outlook and Google Apps is working we can start the synchronization between Google Apps and my Windows phone.

Synchronize Google Apps with Windows Mobile

Be sure you have a Google Apps Premium account and ActiveSync is available on your Windows mobile phone. Otherwise the synchronization will not work. Follow the instructions on how-to setup the Google Apps account for ActiveSync using these instructions. The screen-shots on that page might be different from them on your phone, but they should explain how-to setup the different options. I suggest to un-check the Contacts; in my case I use 20-30 contacts on my phone and have hundreds in my contact list on Google (you don’t wanna sync them all). After anything is done start the synchronization, but don’t forget that the synchronization process is done via the mobile Internet. If you don’t have a mobile Internet account it might be very expensive for you.

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  1. This is in fact a pretty nice solution to keep stuff organized.
    I do use Google for several things and being able to have it all accessible seemed a little utopic to me.

    thanks for a fabulous post.

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