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PHP Mail Scripts using SMTP transport, a guide for beginners

PHP has a very simple mail function which is used very often for basic text mail messages. What if you need to attach files or if you need to send your e-mail messages via SMTP? Than it’s time to use a more advanced script. This is because the standard mail function has only limited standard […]

What is the most affordable Mailchimp alternative in 2020?

For you as an online business owner it’s not so easy to find the best email marketing platform. There are so many services and each of them has a different feature set and of course a different pricing. If someone asked me in the past which tool you should use to get started, my answer […]

How to validate the right email address format in PHP?

Receiving email messages via your website or web application is an important feature and often the only way to get in contact with your customers. If you look back, how often have you got an email message from a potential customer with an invalid or wrong email address? Sure you can use advanced regular expression […]

How to use Mailgun with MyMail the newsletter plugin?

Like most of you I use MailChimp to publish newsletters and for the management of my mailing list. If the number of subscribers becomes bigger it’s often better (cheaper) to use a WordPress plugin like MyMail together with a transactional email service provider. In the past, MyMail and Mandrill has been an inexpensive combination, but […]

PHP Shopping Cart script (DB_cart)

DB_cart Class is a PHP shopping cart script that can be used with third party product catalogs and membership systems. The MySQL database structure is neutral to existing systems. It can handle the shopping cart (add, update, and empty) and checkout process (set the shipment address and email the order). For existing cart users, the shopping […]

PHP Attachment Mailer Class

I wrote this class to integrate more functionality for my PHP classes like Access_user, DB_cart or any other script that’s using the PHP mail function. You can use this PHP class for every web application where the standard text mail message is not enough or where file and image attachments are required. The class has […]

PHP Login: Access_user Class

Access_user Class is an easy to use system for protecting pages and register users. They main features are: User-login, user registration, user update, remember login information, page protection, forgotten password recovery, mail based account activation and multi language message reporting and since the latest versions: maintain extra user profile information, access levels, a limited (safe) […]

Add a MailChimp subscribe feature to your contact form

MailChimp is a great email marketing service provider with an easy to use control panel and features like: campaign management (RSS-driven, A/B Split, Plain-text and regular), statistics, auto-responder and a complete set of list management tools. They offer different ways to place a subscriber form on your website or blog. If you to like add the MailChimp […]