Is AdBrite your advertising partner?

Some weeks before I was looking for some advertisement programs to promote my new website project a shopping Cart template website. After starting a campaign with Adsense and some other CPM banner campaigns I re-visited the AdBrite website.

Text links
There is a moderate collection of websites where you can place your link for a limited time period. In their publisher list are also big names like Opera or Friendster, but they are too expensive according my budget. I selected for my campaign some websites for only a few USD a month. Currently there are running four link campaigns for the template website and I receive several visits a day, but there are zero conversions until now”¦Conclusion: there are link campaigns from websites with a lot of impressions and that for only a few USD, but I don’t think that these will help you with sales (at least not in my case)

Interstitial Ads (kind of popunders)
I started also a campaign of this ad type, I got a total of 40.000 page views in only a few hours and that for 10USD. It happens while I was driving home from my work with the result that I didn’t noticed this traffic live, but another CPC program has returned a part of my advertising costs.

I started a publishing campaign at to show some text ads in a regular banner format (468*60). While you’re waiting for advertiser it’s possible to show network. This campaign was very short because I saw max. three different ads and only one was related to my selected categories . I removed the ads to use my spare advertising space (again) for Adsense. Within these few days it was not possible to start a link campaign with some third party advertisers.

Bad unrelated visits
While running a AdBrite CPC network campaign (webmaster related), I noticed several XXX referrals inside my website statistics. My complain by AdBrite was answered within a few days with some USD rebate to my account (it seems to me that AdBrite thinks that this is not so bad”¦)

I will finish my current link advertising campaigns, but I don’t think that AdBrite is an alternative for Adwords / Adsense or self selected banner CPM/CPC campaigns.

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  1. I was going to embed an adbrite ad in my blog, but the suggested markup isn’t valid XHTML.

    Then I discovered the site, and noticed the “XHTML Validated” icon at the bottom of the page. However, if you click it, you see that there is 57 errors in that page, including the embed tags.

    I tried getting it to work with an tag, but haven’t had any luck so far. I won’t be using AdBrite until I can do so with valid markup…

  2. Hey Brent,

    there are much more problems with Adbrite if you’re an advertiser, the most terrible thing is that there are a lot of scams selling ad space. I ordered an ad with ~ 500 clicks a day and got not one visitor!

  3. While AdBrite may bring you lots of “traffic”? do not expect conversions or any ROI. Their manner of listings is borderline fraudulent! We ran a campaign for discount scuba gear. Yes, they will show you a huge very detailed report tracking each any every site you paid for but you’ll find no customer revenue or site sales from any of them. Lack of customer support and service only compound the issues. If you are looking to actually generate revenue for your business (as opposed to just paying lots of money for NOTHING) save your money and avoid AdBrite.

  4. Hi Laura,

    You’re right they respond much better to questions from publishers than from advertisers! Strange this way they loose a lot of advertisers…

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