AdSense for Domains, just another Domain Parking Service?

Actually “Adsense for domains” is just like most of the other domain parking services. So why should we park our unused domain names with Google?

For a long time I never used any domain parking services because I didn’t believed in that product. I checked the first time “Revenue Parking” provided by my domain registration provider Dynadot, after several month I was not very satisfied with that product. Another point to not use that kind of service was that you need host a domain name with the same provider if you want to their domain parking service.

Google discontinues this service after 18th april 2012!
Google Adsense has decided to retire the domain parking service and suggests to try some other service. I moved all my parking domain names to, they provide a professional interface and the earnings are similar (in my opinion). Give them a try your account is activated after registration.

Several weeks ago I read on the Adsense blog about this new service and forget it already because the “Adsense for domains” was not yet available in my account. By accident I noticed the new link on my Adsense setup page and started to plat a little with this new product.

Add domain names and configuration

Adding domain names is quite simple just add your name together with the language and in the next step you get the information for the DNS settings. As with most other parking services you don’t need to change the name server entries. You need to enter at least 4 A-records and one CNAME for the “www” sub-domain. The CNAME holds also your Adsense Publisher ID which should be used for the validation that a domain belongs to your Adsense account.
For the DNS configuration you will find help files with information how to change the DNS with the bigger domain name provider. I created one account on my own server and add other domain names as domain pointer. This way I’m able to copy past the information directly into “named” data base files.

Validation process and add styles

After you add the domain to your account and the DNS configuration is done it needs a few hours until the validation is done. At the moment you need to check the your account by yourself and if needed to re-validate there is an option too. After validation you’re able to add channels to your parked domain name: “I suggest to do that other wise you didn’t know which domain performs very well and which not”. Tray also to enter some keywords to your domain name and maybe you like to change the style from your parking page. Right parking pages are not very “stylish”, but maybe some custom colors will let the visitor generate more page views.

Reports and earnings

“Adsense for domains” is  (great) CPM based advertising. It look to me as for regular ads, that some domain names perform better some than another. Just like with content related ads Google will show ads with higher and lower revenue. The reports are the same as for the other ads (content, search…) and doesn’t need any explanation. At the moment I can’t see if impressions from the landing page will earn more or less than impressions from other result pages. There is no information about the how many clicks are generated.

Rules for publishers

There are some new rules for the “domain park” publisher, since the earnings are CPM based it’s not allowed to redirect traffic to that page, advertising for parked domain isn’t allowed…

I use the Adsense product for names which are not used anymore and still have some traffic. I noticed that some domain perform much better than earlier with content ads.

What is your experience with “Adsense for domains”?

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  1. I installed Adsense for Domains on 3 sites. But very quickly I have nocited that because they are undeveloped sites with no content to be indexed, they get no traffic as such going to them.

    So I’ve been wondering if you would be allowed to display a banner link on another content driven site you might run online, that links to your adsense for domain pages.

    Why do you think?

  2. Hi,
    domain parking is only interesting for domain names where a website was online before (for some time).

    Google is really clear about what is allowed and what not:

    “Advertising is not allowed”

    Since the parking program is CPM based, you need a lot of clicks to earn some money.

  3. I’m very surprised how much you get for parking domains with Google. Your domain needs only a little traffic and should have the right keywords…

  4. Thanks for the article, very interesting information. I’m going to look at using this for my web design business. Google is a good brand, so it’s better to have them as your holding page in my opinion.

  5. It’s great news for people who have parked domains but i dont see the landers optimized well for the domains.
    i would anyday prefer domainsponsor or even skenzo.some of these parking companies even optimize your domains by hand.
    adsense for domains still has a long way to go.

  6. Hi sohail,

    sure this adsense service needs a lot of optimization features, but I think the most important thing are the earnings. At this point adsense for domains is a good money maker

  7. Do I need to host my domain? or can i just register domain, and park it in google? Do I have to pay something else outside of domain registration? thanks.

  8. @Cinta,

    You need a DNS host, Google requires a few A records and a CNAME. Most domain registrars offer a free DNS zone for domains.

  9. Hi, Olaf

    I have three domains which I subsription cash parking in godaddy now. Since I am thinking to park my domains in adsense for domains, do I have to cancle my godaddy cash parking subscription? or it’s nessary to have domains in godaddy cash parking with google adsense domain parking?
    I am a kind of confused now. Please let me know,thank you

  10. Definatley better than making a sub-standard page with regular ads on it. Just get dns create an adsense parked domains page and (hopefully) your domain should pay for itself :)

  11. @Castle Cat
    Adsense domain parking is not related to Godaddy, but don’t forget that you need a DNS host.

    yeah right thats why I love this service so much ;)

  12. One thing I need ask here is I want to know if it is allowed to place adsense for domain on newly registered domains….

    1. Hi,
      yes sure why not, but it makes no sense because a new domain doesn’t have traffic. (forwarding traffic is not allowed)

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